With so much attention focused on the traffic circle by Foundation Park the other intersection that needs attention is the intersection of East Broad and Prospect Street. Certain busy times of the day and week a pedestrian needs to exercise some extra caution trying to cross the street. I know that vehicles are supposed to stop for pedestrians once they step into the crosswalk, but that does not always happen and the cramped space for vehicles to make turns from one street to the other can cause quite a traffic back up too.

For quite a while we had a traffic enforcement officer directing traffic at the corner who did a splendid job managing flow of vehicles and pedestrians. All of a sudden this year he’s not there anymore. What ever happened to him? It’s time to restore some a traffic control officer to the intersection of East Broad Street and Prospect street once again.

One other suggestion: How about changing the traffic pattern at that intersection. I’ve noticed that vehicles making a left turn from East Broad Street onto Prospect Street seem to cause backups along East Broad. IMO, restoring a traffic control officer makes the most sense or perhaps placing a streetlight and/or better signage may help, too.