Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is David Sexton and I’m running for a seat on the Westfield Board of Education.

When my wife and I moved here, we both knew the reputation of excellence of the Westfield schools.  In our time here, we’ve had the additional benefit of watching our children enter the schools. Each night as our kids come home with a smile, we get a chance to see why people who grew up in Westfield say “I’m so glad I went to school here!”

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I’ve also had the pleasure of watching the hard working members of Westfield Board of Education at their work in several of their monthly meetings. Having spent some time reporting on local school systems in the past, I was impressed with how much quiet effort the board members make every month to ensure that Westfield’s tradition of education is maintained and improved.

I hope that I can bring some of my experience to the Board of Education to help benefit the schools also.

I am a technology professional with nearly two decades of experience building software for financial service companies. I also have some experience as a teacher with time teaching in both a High School and community college setting. I’m also a writer and journalist and have written for both local and regional newspapers. I have two Masters degrees: an MA in English Literature and an MS in Information Systems.

I hope that you will consider my candidacy for a seat on the Westfield Board of Education and support me with your vote. I will do my utmost to help uphold the excellence of the Westfield Schools and bring my own experience and education to bear to help continue and improve on that tradition.