One of Westfield's most charming and welcoming attractions is our diverse collection of great restaurants. Dine Out Westfield, downtown's celebration of all things food & wine kicks off this Sunday, the 26th and NosVino is excited to once again take up the task of acting as Sommelier for the entire downtown!

In addition to selling fine wine and craft beer, NosVino offers a range of beverage-pairing services to assist you on your way to dinner. Displayed in the store's entrance is a list of some of Westfield's popular restaurants and cuisines with racks of wine and beer suggestions under each. Heading to The Brick Oven, Theresa's, or any of the Italian ristoranti? These bottles of Jasci Montepulciano d'Abruzzo are ready to grab-and-go. If you like a more specified approach, the staff is well-versed in local menu options and can make recommendations more fine-tuned than the classic "red with steak, white with fish." The signature burger from Butcher Burgers might call for a heavier wine like Sidekick Cabernet Sauvignon, while their more delicate yet flavorful Shrimp Po Boy needs the softness of the Soucherie Anjou Blanc.

Most recently, NosVino also offers a delivery service to downtown restaurants - over the phone or through - so you don't even have to leave Old Havana to get your bottle of Finca Abril Malbec. 

The real fun kicks in with the many tastings the special selections, pairings, and recommendations lined up for the fun menus and eclectic cuisines of Dine Out Westfield:

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Sat. Feb. 25: "Dine Out Sneak Peak"

Sun. Feb. 26: "Italian Dinner Wines"

Tue. Feb. 28: "Mardi Gras Beers"

Fri. March 3: "Dinner Brews"

Sat. March 4: "Dinner Wines"

Sun. March 5: "Brunch Bubbly"

Tue. March 21: California Wine Pairing Dinner

Plus more great tastings every weekend!