WESTFIELD, NJ — Two ‘express’ parking spots were recently created on Quimby Street near Central Avenue in Downtown Westfield. The metered spots are free and can only be used for a maximum of 15 minutes, day or night, for the convenience of those picking up takeout orders from Downtown Westfield restaurants or running quick errands.

Currently, drivers can only use the “15-minute” button on the meters for those spots once the timer has counted down to zero. That will change in a week or two when new meters will be installed downtown, according to Town Administrator Jim Gildea. The new meters will allow users to re-start the 15-minute countdown any time the button is pressed.

Parking at other metered spots downtown will remain free for 15 minutes with the press of a button, as well.

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“More changes will be coming soon to our downtown as we work to implement many of the recommendations from Mayor Skibitsky’s Downtown Task Force,” Keith Loughlin, chair of the Public Safety, Transportation & Parking Committee told the town council at its conference meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Andy Skibitsky noted that more express spots may be added downtown in the future.