FANWOOD, NJ — The speed limit along the entire length of North Avenue in Fanwood has been reduced to 25 mph, effective immediately.

New signs are being posted this week. The reduced speed limit is part of an ongoing effort to make North Avenue safer for both drivers and pedestrians, especially during periods when train users are walking to and from the station.

"The reduction to 25 mph is due to the bump out at the three-way stop at North Avenue and Sheelan's Crossing," said Fanwood Police Chief Richard Trigo. "It is to complement pedestrian safety. If we are encouraging pedestrians to cross there, it's safer to do so with a 25 mph speed limit."

The Fanwood Borough Council also recently approved a three-way stop sign to be installed at the intersection of North Avenue and Sheelen’s Crossing to further enhance pedestrian safety. That construction is set to occur soon.