With all eyes on next year’s presidential race, it’s easy to overlook the upcoming local election on Nov. 3.  The simple reality is, this November there is a crucial election happening in Union County, New Jersey. Only twice in every 20 years is the general assembly at the top of the ballot and this year the professional politicos and pollsters are predicting a 20 percent voter turnout statewide. If this prediction holds true, each ballot cast will count as three. (In 2013, when Christie was the top of the ballot, turnout was around 60 percent).  


If your a taxpayer in Union County who is sick and tired of the status quo, sick and tired of seeing your property taxes rise year after year, sick and tired of broken promises, and sick and tired of the mismanagement of your county government, you are ready for new representation!

Vote this Nov. 3 for the column A Republican ticket for freeholder and let your voice be heard!

You can learn more about Rene Dierkes (Mountainside), Rich Fortunato (Scotch Plains) and Joe Bonilla (Union) by visiting www.dierkesfortunatobonilla2015.com or at their Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/dierkesfortunatobonilla2015. For more information, contact John Malone at 908-514-8356.