WESTFIELD, NJ—An open house was held at Evolve Restorative Therapy September 12 to celebrate its new location on the second floor of 523 Westfield Avenue. The mood was welcoming as many of Evolve's customers and friends came out to enjoy refreshments, tour the facility and discuss Evolve's therapy processes, which are designed to cater to the health and well-being of clients.

TAP spoke to several members of the Evolve “family” about how they work with their clients individually and in small groups reach their health and wellness goals.

Restorative Therapist Patrick Lerouge, a resident of Westfield, said that he loves the town and enjoys the opportunity to serve the community. He is a licensed massage therapist and specializes in "Revive Treatment."  

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"The people we wish to attract are those who have tried other forms of traditional therapies and need more,” explained Lerouge. “Evolve provides the processes that will get them to where they want to be in their personal health."

Victoria Whitfield is a Reiki master and meditation coach at Evolve. "We are teachers who will guide individuals to their personal best," said Whitfield.

Elyse Breit is a licensed massage therapist and certified Shiatsu practitioner at Evolve. She specializes in a modality called myofascial release, which involves gentle hands-on pressure and stretching. She hopes to see people in the community drawn to Evolve to recognize it as a place to learn about helping themselves and ultimately feeling more complete as individuals.

Evolve Restoration Therapy welcomes clients from all walks of life, including young people, athletes, parents and older individuals who may have a range of therapeutic needs. With its personal therapy plans and a nurturing environment, people come to Evolve to experience renewed strength and mobility.

Amy Carow of Scotch Plains is a triathelete who puts a lot of stress on her body.  "Patrick helps me stay injury-free and perform at a high level,” she said.

Evolve Restoration Therapy’s ambiance is designed to create a warm, welcoming and healing atmosphere. The dedicated staff of professionals tell TAP that it is their goal to make it a center where they can help your body to feel better so that you can feel better. It is their mission to offer the best services that teach people how to empower themselves. For more information about Evolve Restorative Therapy, call 908-233-2226, e-mail EVOLVERT1@gmail.com or visit their website at www.Evolvert.com.