Eat And Drink For A Reason is a New Jersey based organization whose main goal is to raise money for various charities. It is a Not For Profit Organization founded by Adam and Alicia Winters formed from their passion for food and wine, and a strong desire to be charitable.

"We wanted to be able to give, but found that there were so many already established charities who needed funding.  So rather than add to the list, we formed an umbrella charity that will raise funds for various beneficiaries," they said. 

Our goal is simple...let's get a few people together to" Eat And Drink For A Reason".   Our first event is a Farm To Table Wine Tasting.  This year's event will benefit The Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation. 

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We are hoping to get local foodies and wine lovers together to do something good, and to have a good time!! The event is on September 24th from 7pm-11pm.  It will be catered by Chef Brian Walters, there will be great food, wine as well as a live band so we know foodies from all over will approve.

Foodies are passionate group of people, so we're hoping this will be a sold out event. We have an amazing group of foodies sponsoring and planning this benefit.  From local businesses including Flannery's Bar and Grill, Alan's Orchard, The Savory Spice Shop and CoolVines to various wine distributors jumping on the band wagon!!  It will be amazing to see how a passion for food and wine and charity can make a difference.

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