I’m committed to having my campaign reflect my values: inclusive, informed, open-minded, positive and ethical. This is the type of leader I was at HBO, and the type of mayor I will be for you in Westfield.

Let’s set the record straight about my funding sources:

I haven’t received one dollar from Union County and I don't intend to. Furthermore, campaign financial disclosures are public record by law, so I encourage you to look up mine and the current mayor’s here: www.elec.state.nj.us/publicinformation/searchdatabase.htm.

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Former colleagues and friends across political party made the first donations to my campaign — and I couldn't be prouder of that! These contributions, from people who have experienced my leadership first hand, have come with notes of endorsement or thanks. I can’t do anything for these folks if I’m elected, but what they’ve done for me is reinforce my decision to step up and run for you.

What’s been even more encouraging are the donations that come from hundreds of you in Westfield who, like me, are tired of the complacency and lack of imagination in solving our challenges. The majority of these donations to my campaign are less than $300, from neighbors like you who’ve never donated to a local campaign before but decided it’s finally time, because you believe we can and must do better than the status quo.

My campaign manager, Ben Nanna, and I share the same values and purpose — to do the most good for the community we live in.

I'm focused, and will continue working to bring our entire community together to finally address the issues we all face: rising property taxes, diminished town services and store vacancies. To accomplish this, I will tap into the talents of our entire community irrespective of personal connection or political party.

You deserve better, and with your vote on November 7th, we will do better together.

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Please visit: brindleforwestfield.com and facebook.com/brindleforwestfield; or email me at shelley@brindleforwestfield.com

Contact: Ben Nanna, Campaign Manager, ben@brindleforwestfield.com