WESTFIELD, NJ — Sipping coffee at a café in Downtown Westfield, Fred DaVeiga, a CFP®/CPA and Financial Advisor with Regal Wealth Advisors, spoke about the moment he became inspired to leave 30 successful years in the corporate finance world behind. It had to do with a bat mitzvah ceremony.

“Our friend spoke at the service about the five values she and her husband had wanted to instill in their daughter.  One of them was ‘service,’” said DaVeiga, himself the father of two boys, David and Daniel, now in their twenties. “This concept encompassed getting personally involved in helping others, and making a difference in their lives.  Not just writing out a check for a good cause.”

The impression stuck with him, and DaVeiga resolved to magnify this attribute of assisting others, and make it a key element of his life.

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“Helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals as a profession suits me perfectly," said DaVeiga.  Previously as a CPA, CFO, and HR leader, he had informally mentored and coached many throughout his career in connection with their personal financial questions.

Dedicated to the profession, DaVeiga was also driven to attain the Certified Financial PlannerTM designation.

“In this industry, anyone can use the title “financial planner or financial advisor," said DaVeiga. "Both titles are ‘lower case,' the terms are simply not regulated.”  The CFP® certification is recognized as representing a high level of competency, ethics and professionalism, as well as requiring a fiduciary standard of care. 

DaVeiga and his partners at Regal Wealth Advisors assist clients with the spectrum of circumstances and challenges that arise over a lifetime. Saving for a child’s education, planning for retirement, portfolio management, addressing the risk of a life-altering event through insurance (e.g., life, long-term disability, or long-term care), dealing financially with divorce or death, or just getting started in life, DaVeiga makes a point of investing the time to get to know all relevant aspect of his clients’ financial lives as well as their individual goals before making recommendations.

In joining Regal Wealth Advisors, one of DaVeiga’s basic requirements was ensuring that the firm’s culture was truly one of caring as much about its clients as he does about his.

“You can teach people a lot of things, but you can’t teach someone to ‘care,’” he explained.  He wanted to work with a team with a sincere interest in the well-being of its clients. Other requirements included working with an “independent” firm, free of the pressures of having only a single company's proprietary products or strategies to offer.

“If all you have is a hammer in your toolbox, guess what, everything looks like a nail," DaVeiga (a self-described handyman) quipped.

Being comprehensive in its service offerings and resource-strong were also key requirements.

“I enjoy addressing and supporting all financial aspects of a client’s life, similar to a general practitioner in medicine, but dealing with financial matters,” he explained. “Generally we can address the client’s needs or concerns within Regal. But if a specialist is warranted - such as in the case of a special needs child – we have the relationships to get the proper resources involved."

DaVeiga and his team also work closely with business owners and managers to help enhance the value of their business enterprises.  In addition to consulting and advising on Employee Benefit Programs (such as 401(k) plans, medical, life and other employee welfare plans), Regal Wealth Advisors offers related business consulting services.

“We’ve helped small and mid-sized firms expand their employee health and welfare programs while keeping costs in mind, improve their participant and administrative 401k plan experience, and put in place more comprehensive and cost-effective property and casualty insurance coverage," DaVeiga explained.  “Cost savings to our clients can be meaningful, and we take pride in our dedication to service."

“I have been blessed," shared DaVeiga. "I feel good about what I do and I get up in the morning happy to start the day. It really is a very satisfying and fulfilling profession.”

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