While political turmoil splashes the headlines on the national and state political stage, steadfast leadership continues in Westfield’s 4th Ward.  Councilman Keith Loughlin, a lifelong resident of Westfield, has served us well over his tenure as our Councilman. Every time our 4th Ward has needed his leadership, he has been there to fight our fight. 

He was there for us to fight with the federal railroad administration to stop the train whistle at our border with Clark. He was there for us and stopped the Westfield Armory proposal to build a cell tower in our backyards. He was there working with the Board of Education to create a comprehensive and fair plan to allocate the Westfield High School parking burden. He was there for us when an overzealous developer sued our town to force affordable housing where it did not belong in our ward. Now he is working hard to make sure that the improvements planned for Tamaques Park are done with our input and in proper scale to serve the needs of Westfield but protect the rights of the local neighbors. 

As our councilman, whatever the problem, whatever the issue, whoever is in need regardless of neighborhood, school district or party affiliation, Councilman Loughlin has been there for us. Now it’s our turn to say THANK YOU by supporting him and voting on November 7th for our 4th Ward Councilman Keith Loughlin.