A few weeks ago YETI MMA in Scotch Plains, NJ decided to give back to the community and offered to all female seniors at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School free self-defense and boxing classes. The offer was in response to not only the on-going national movement of empowering our young women but also based upon the local and often unreported sexual assault and harassment of our young women.  YETI MMA decided that they need to put community before profit and wanted to do something to help empower and equip all those young women, especially those heading off to college, with tools that would instill confidence and some knowledge on how to protect themselves and escape from a precarious situation.

"After personally becoming aware of a horrific situation that one young woman found herself in, and as a father of a tween girl, we as a club decided we needed to do what we could to try to teach our young women how to best protect themselves.  Unfortunately, in our society, young women are preyed upon and victimized. The statistics don’t bode well for them either once they enter college," according to David Martin, owner of YETI MMA in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Mr. Martin went on to explain that, "hopefully, we as a nation, are at a national tipping point regarding stopping sexual assault against women and we can all hope that the future course will change, but until that occurs, let’s equip our young women to have a fighting chance to escape and survive such an encounter.  As a result, I decided to offer all female seniors of Westfield High School free boxing and self-defense classes.  We have world class instructors including 1987 USBA boxing Champion and World Champion Lennox Lewis' trainer for 10 years, Harold "Shadow" Knight, boxing legend Gerry Cooney, one of the worlds greatest MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro and Donnie DeFilippis who is a recognized expert wrestling coach who also happens to teach self-defense at the The John H. Stamler Police Academy.  We have all this knowledge and resources here, we just had to give back."

There are no strings attached to this offer.   All the young women who are interested in taking advantage of this offer need to do is sign a waiver, nothing more.  If they are interested in learning more about this offer, they can contact YETI MMA at info@yetimma.com.  YETI MMA is located at 2507 Route 22 West in Scotch Plains, right next to BowCraft.  www.yetimma.com.