Gallery U Boutique in Westfield is pleased to exhibit the work of artist Dawn DiCicco from February 5 - 29, 2016, as part of their “Art In the Boutique” series. Gallery U had exhibited her work at their former Red Bank location and are excited to be introducing her art to the Westfield community. Dawn is inspired to turn the music up loud, put brush and paint to canvas and manifest her love for music and art in a non-representational form. 

“I take possession of every artist, writer and musician, alive or dead who has ever inspired me and imprison them in my subconscious,” explains DiCicco.”I then release them onto the canvas in the form of a word, a color, a scrap of newspaper, a rusted bottle cap, a borrowed lyric from a song, a ragged swath of black paint swiped across the canvas. I use texture, direction, depth and color to convey playfulness, passion, violence, love or peace.”

An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, February 5, 2016, from 6-8 PM. All are welcome. Contemporary Art Group (CAG) Member Exhibit will be on exhibit in the main gallery. 

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About DAWN DiCICCO: Developing a passion for art and music at an  early age, Dawn began drawing portraits of her favorite musicians. Believing that her talent could be advanced through the study of fine arts, she enrolled in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Arizona, where she also studied graphic design. In 2011, her children now grown, Dawn became restless and dissatisfied with her traditional approach to art. Anxious to experiment with something different, she decided to take a class in Abstract Expressionist Painting. Dawn found that she was liberated from the precision that realism demanded. Abstract painting better suited her admittedly unfocused, pinball machine like consciousness. Dawn’s ability to once again integrate art and music added to the excitement of discovering an alternate genre.

About GALLERY U BOUTIQUE: Gallery U Boutique is an extension of Universal Institute, a rehabilitation facility that services adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The venue serves as a vocational training program whose goal is to introduce people with TBI back into the work force and community. Clients at Universal Institute take part in all aspects of running Gallery U Boutique. Vocational, occupational and cognitive therapies are conducted in the back workrooms. Working at Gallery U Boutique provides an opportunity for adults with TBI to rejoin the workforce, engage with the community, learn new skills, and experience the transformative power of art through exposure to existing art and creation of their own artwork. Additional information about Gallery U Boutique: