Remember last winter? Time to stock up on firewood.
There's nothing like the crackle of a nice fire going on a cold winter's night.  Now's the time to prep the firewood, so it's ready to use.
Start with an elevated platform made out of pressure-treated lumber or metal. You can use an old shipping pallet, but for only one year. It will become rotten after long exposure.
Then, neatly stack the wood. Air flow through the pile is essential to prevent trapping of excess moisture.

Then cover the entire stack with a water proof tarp. The tarp should hang over the sides and cover at least the top 25 percent. Make sure to weigh the tarp down to prevent it from blowing away.
I use a tarp and "tent" it by attaching ropes through the grommets and staking it to the ground.  I do this so I don't have to lift a wet tarp every time I need wood.
Now you're ready to enjoy.