Wide variety of fish offered as selected by customer survey

PLAINFIELD, N.J. – Jae Heung Choi wants you to eat more fish.

That’s why he has opened a full service fish department inside his Green Farmer’s Market (1220 South Avenue, Plainfield).

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“Fish is healthy,” Choi said. “It’s good for you, and it’s delicious. And it’s good in combination with all the other items we sell.”

Choi said the types of fish offered by the department were selected based on the results of a customer survey.

“Our customers spoke and we heard them,” he said. “It seems that everybody likes fish and everybody has their favorites.”

Based on the customer survey, the market offers a wide variety of fish usually including Salmon, Salmon Steaks, Tuna Steaks, Cod Steaks, Chilean Sea Bass Steaks, Sea Bass, Shark, Tilapia, Flounder Fillet, Sole Fillet, Cod Fillet, Catfish Fillet, Tilapia Fillet, Smoked Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Striped Bass, Grouper and Whiting.  In addition, the market will usually offer Cherry Stone Clams, Little Neck Clams Mussels, Oysters, Sea Scallops, Crab Meat, Shrimp, Pink Snapper, Red Snapper, Sun Perch, Flounder, Porgies and Sardines.


Green Farmer’s Market is not your ordinary fruit and vegetable stand.

It offers:

*A Deli Department with more than 40 different kinds of cheese. Boar’s Heads deli meats and cheeses are sliced to order. And there’s an olive bar.


*An Organic food department with cereals, juices, sauces, snacks, pasta, eggs, yogurt, vegetables and much more - including gluten free foods.


*Gourmet food items including 13 different kinds of mustard, 7 types of honey, 15 varieties of olive oil plus spices, teas, exotic sauces and vinegars and imported cookies and crackers.


*A Flower Department with fresh flowers delivered daily.


*Fresh bread and rolls delivered from 5 different bakeries.


Plus a vast variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. At times, there are as many as 20 different kinds of apples, 9 different varieties of pears and 7 different kinds of potatoes.


Customers seem to enjoy shopping at Green Farmer’s Market. Several reviewers on Yelp.com gave the market four stars.


One reviewer described his trip to Green Farmer’s Market as “a really enjoyable experience. Great selection to choose from. …the price is just about unbeatable.”


Other reviewers complimented the market’s “comprehensive selection of hard to find ethnic specialties” and said fruits and vegetables found at Green Farmer’s Market were “of much better quality and selection than the other places.”


And all of that is by design.


“We offer the best quality, the best selection and the best prices,” Choi said. “The only place to find all these items under one roof at great prices is the Green Farmers Market – no place else.”


Green Farmer’s Market

1220 South Avenue

Plainfield, NJ