Self esteem is an evaluative term. It refers to negative, positive, neutral and/or ambiguous judgments that one places on the self concept. Self esteem is an evaluation of the emotional, intellectual and behavioral aspects of self concept. Self esteem is not self love but how one evaluates the self concept.  It is how much a person likes, accepts and respects themselves overall as a person.

People with healthy self esteem consider themselves worthy and view themselves as equal with others. They do not pretend to be perfect, they recognize their limitations and weaknesses and they expect to grow and improve. They do not easily become upset when they do not know something. Instead, they have the confidence to learn something new and approach new challenges with enthusiasm. 

People with unhealthy self esteem generally experience self rejection, self-dissatisfaction and self contempt. They believe that others don’t value them, feel powerless, can be easily influenced by others, become defensive and easily frustrated and blame others for their own weaknesses. They are “other oriented” meaning they look for approval from the outside. 

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Self esteem needs to come from within. Self esteem is a process and not something that develops overnight.  aking care of yourself is one essential way toward a healthy self esteem. Take time to do things you enjoy, take time to exercise, read a book, take a walk. Pay close attention to YOUR needs and wants and listen to your INNER VOICE.

At the Hellenic Therapy Center we strive to promote a healthy self esteem.  We have a team of licensed professionals who can help you restore a healthy sense of self.  We are available day, evening and weekend hours.  Visit or on Facebook.  For further info, call 908-322-0112.