Holy Trinity School celebrated the International Day of Peace, a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed annually on September 21st. The Early Learning Center in Mountainside and the K-8 Westfield Campus both partook in the celebration. The school-wide event included a week of activities geared around bringing peace to the children’s homes, community and world. Throughout the week children learned about the International Peace Day as part of their regular religious education. Led by Margaret Knapp, Fifth Grade Teacher at Holy Trinity and Committee Chairperson, children were taught a sign of peace phrase in American Sign Language. Every student wrote a message of peace and decorated a large ribbon to be used as part of the service later in the week. Children participated in some of the activities in multi-grade groups called “Families” in order to foster a sense of community among the different grades. Children of all ages were able to share in learning about the International Day of Peace together with the older students directing and guiding the younger ones. 

The events of the week led up to a prayer service at Holy Trinity Church on Friday, September 21st. Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents all attended the event. Children sang songs of peace, prayed for peace and offered each other a sign of peace in American Sign Language which Included the phrase “take peace with you wherever you go.”  Principal Dr. Adele Ellis along with Holy Trinity Church Pastor Fr. Anthony Randazzo, Archdiocesan School office representative Mrs. Mary McElroy and Westfield Mayor Shelly Brindle attended the service. Mayor Brindle spoke of how important peace was to all of us and sharing peace with someone you disagree with, although not always an easy task, was something she deals with as mayor and one of the most important things we could do as a community. The entire school then walked to the playground where they tied their ribbons of peace on to the fence. A symbolic gesture showing the children that simply learning about peace is not enough, going out and sharing what they learned about peace is how they create a change in the world. 

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