Holy Trinity School welcomes two teachers to 3rd grade for the 2016-2017 school year.  While they are new to 3rd Grade, Mrs. Regan and Ms. Mazzilli are not new to Holy Trinity.  Mrs. Regan, a graduate of Villanova University, enters her 3rd year at Holy Trinity where she previously taught 2nd grade.  Ms. Mazzilli, a Holy Trinity alum herself, completed her student teaching in 3rd grade at Holy Trinity last year.  Both earned their teaching certification through Caldwell University.  

“We are very excited about the year ahead and the positive impact we will make on our students this year.” said Mrs. Regan.  “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach in such a wonderful community of students, parents, and faculty.” said Ms. Mazzilli.

As part of the daily academic curriculum, Ms. Mazzilli and Mrs. Regan are committed to multi-sensory, individualized learning, and a student-centered approach to teaching.  This is evident through student centers, homework, and assessments that involve choice and differentiation of process and product.  Their teaching philosophies allow each child to be comfortable and successful in the classroom.  These attributes do not only help students succeed academically but also help instill a greater sense of self-confidence.

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One example of this is “3-TV” where a student presents the national and local news, weather, and sports for the day to their classmates.  This allows students to practice their public speaking skills and to learn both inside and outside of the classroom by understanding more about the world that surrounds them.  “I wish I could be the reporter every day.  It is so much fun.” said James, a current 3rd grade student.

Writing is another major component of the 3rd grade curriculum.  This year, students will complete a number of book reports focused on fiction, biographical, and non-fiction literature as well as several creative writing assignments.  Just recently, both classes kicked off a “My Cereal Box” in-class project where students are designing their own cereal box and using their creativity to name and design a cereal box while writing their autobiography.

In Social Studies, the children have a fun year-long project called, “Finding Miss Nelson.”  Dear Miss Nelson has decided to travel the country and even the world.  As she reports back about her travels, the class learns about various geographies and cultures.  The children also will have an opportunity to see the play “Finding Miss Nelson” later this spring. 

Holy Trinity School focuses on building the whole self and adhering to the tenants of the Catholic Church.  Similar to all students at Holy Trinity, 3rd grade students participate in daily prayer and attend Mass once a month.  Students also have a special prayer partner each week.  As a prayer partner, a student is asked to keep his or her partner’s special intentions in his or her prayers.  Many of the children already have extended this prayer partner activity to their families at home.  During the month of October, 3rd grade students have the opportunity to participate in the “Living Rosary”, an annual tradition for the Holy Trinity School community.

Since 1916, Holy Trinity has provided a quality Catholic education to Westfield and the surrounding communities. A 2011 National Blue Ribbon School, its mission is to educate students to actualize their full, individual potential both spiritually and academically.