A day in the Holy Trinity School PreK-4 and PreK-4Plus program is always exciting! The PreK -4 year old program at Holy Trinity Mountainside Campus is based on the knowledge that a child’s early years are ones of tremendous development – physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. The curriculum challenges the child to develop through experience with language, mathematics, art, music and the community itself.

The curriculum for the PreK-4 programs is literature based.  The children develop their vocabulary, imagination, and creativity through reading adventures. Whether re-creating a segment of a story through art or play-acting or rewriting the story, their comprehension of that story is demonstrated and enhanced. A favorite segment of the PreK-4Plus curriculum is the exploration of fairy tales.  Mrs. Lisa Grawehr believes, “Fairy tales are some of the best written stories of all time. They encompass all aspects of life, providing strong lessons in a lyrical content. Using these tales to develop strong comprehension skills makes learning fun. My favorite quote from Einstein is ‘If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

PreK-4 students are introduced to concepts in math through patterns, classifying, building with blocks, and number concepts.  One of the children’s favorite activities is block building. Their creations become buildings and vehicles and these constructions are incorporated into dramatic play in which children develop skills in math, physics and collaborative planning.

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Holy Trinity exposes the 4 year old students to the wonderful world of science through several engaging segments. Nutrition week allows the children to become familiar with the Food Pyramid and how to develop a healthy lifestyle.

During the spring, the children witness the beauty of creation.  The lifecycle of ducks is witnessed by the children from the incubation of duck eggs through the hatching of the ducklings.  Witnessing the ducklings taking their first swim is a memorable experience! Mrs. Jen Hazard said, “One of the joys of teaching PreK-4 at HT Mountainside Campus is that we go beyond the basics of S.T.R.E.A.M. and incorporate hands on learning. The duckling hatching project provides students the opportunity to study the lifecycle of the ducklings from fertilization through birth. They are encouraged to ask, imagine, plan create, and physically care for the ducklings.” This project is the culmination of the year’s study in the natural sciences.

The Mountainside campus of Holy Trinity takes on a magical atmosphere during the Christmas season.  The children participate in the Advent season by making ornaments and learning the story of the Jesse Tree. St. Nicholas visits the school on his feast day with a surprise for the children.  One of the annual traditions is the Nativity Pageant re-enacted by the PreK-4Plus children. In addition, the school hosts a Birthday Party for Jesus for the parents and children of the school community.

The PreK-4 experience is enhanced through field trips that include pumpkin picking, Trailside explorations every spring, and guest presenters, such as local firefighters, authors, science story tellers and Captain Super Tooth. The physical setting of the school with its two playgrounds and athletic field provides plenty of space for outdoor activities. 

Each month there are community activities for the children and their families; Fall Festival, the Thanksgiving Feast, community service projects, Grandparents/Special person day, family breakfast and Prayer Services.