Can I get a martini with my manicure and pedicure please?  At On the Side day spa you can do just that.

Every Thursday and Friday night from five to nine the spa offers a complimentary martini with one of their renowned manicures or pedicures.

“We want to create an environment that feels like home and is fun too,” said Taryn Larsen, the manager at On the Side.

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They are most known for their exclusive nail spa, which includes three manicure and pedicure stations.  The calming room is adorned with three tan comfy couches, which are so fluffy it’s like sitting on a cloud, and stone food baths.  The atmosphere is warm and homey and clean!  They use state-of-the art sanitation procedures, which can be hard to find these days.  They managed to create a home away from that can be a “safety zone” for clients.

 “The spa’s mission is to create an oasis in the town where you can get away from everything,” she said.

The 3-floor spa, On the Side, is located just outside of downtown Westfield on South Avenue.  The Spa is independently owned by Barbara Mitchell, who is a resident of Westfield.  Mitchell graduated from Natural Gourmet Cookery School in Manhattan and worked as a hospital administrator before opening the spa 9-years ago.

Her idea for the spa originated after she realized that the town didn’t have a “real” day spa where anyone could come spend the day and unwind.  So, she decided to create her own unique haven that was affordable.

“Anybody with any budget can come here,” Larsen said.

Even with the economy’s shaky status they have managed to stay afloat.  Larsen said that they didn’t really feel the hit of the recession until 8 months ago, but that they have already bounced back to where they were.

“It’s our loyal base clientele that got us through,” she said.

Mitchell’s original idea was to incorporate spa services and her love for cooking, which is where the name On the Side came from.  When it initially opened, it was a café, spa and fitness studio.  According to manager, Taryn Larsen, Mitchell always used to ask for her sauces and dressings on the side, hence the name On the Side.

It wasn’t long after that the demand for spa services outweighed the café and within a few years they converted the café and fitness studios into a full-service spa.  They are now partnered up with another local company, Halo, which is a hair salon located in what used to be the café area.

They are constantly changing and evolving to keep current for their clients said Larsen.  The spa is known for its innovative style and fresh ideas and prides itself on keeping current with the fast changing industry.

“We’re always looking for inspirational people and ideas,” said Larsen.

Some of their innovative touches include their signature scent of sweet oranges, which is diffused throughout the spa.  They make their own sweet orange oil, in house, which is used in services as well as making their own body scrubs that change seasonally.  Even some of their pedicures incorporate fresh oranges to help soften the skin.  And if guests weren’t feeling at home by now, Mitchell even makes them a homemade trail mix. 

“We just try to create a family oriented place where it feels like home,” Larsen said.