People want their refunds quickly, but sometimes can't get seem to get started or have only partial information available. Getting your refunds sooner means collecting your information and paperwork in an organized fashion. As soon as we receive your complete tax package, we prepare the tax return, submit the e-filing and in turn, you will have your refund faster.

So, try and get organized as soon as you can. Put all your tax documents together to give us a complete package. Use either a tax organizer or even last year's tax returns as a checklist to make sure that you have everything. Some common items that we will need are:

  • W-2 and 1099 forms, including dividend and interest income;
  • Mortgage interest (Form 1098 from every lender), mortgage insurance, and property tax information;
  • Student loan interest information (Form 1098-E);
  • Tuition and fees documentation from college, student loan interest form;
  • Donations;
  • Medical expenses, and 1095-A form from the insurance marketplace;
  • Documentation of contributions to your traditional IRA or similar retirement account;
  • Unreimbursed business expenses;
  • Rental income and rental expenses for rental property;
  • License or ID to verify your identification (new for 2016 returns)