WESTFIELD, NJ — New signs and stickers have been placed in Downtown Westfield’s parking lots that indicate which zone your vehicle is parked in. These were missing when the new pay stations and the mPay2Park app first became active April 7, causing some confusion for the first several hundred people in Westfield to sign up for the app.

Now that users can see their zones, the mPay2Park app allows them to skip the line at the pay stations, see how much time is left and add more to their spot from anywhere for a convenience fee of 30 cents per use. Representatives of mPay2Park say the same app is being used by an increasing number of towns nearby and several beach towns down the shore, and signing up here means you’re signed up anywhere.

To start using mPay2Park:

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  • First, register at www.mpay2park.com, or download the mobile smartphone app.  Apps are available for iPhones and the Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry phone users can login into the M Site directly—it works exactly as the app would.
  • When you want to park, pull up to a parking spot with the mPay2Park sticker on the parking meter.
  • From there, you can either pull up the app or call the toll-free number on the sign. Your specific zone will be listed on the mPay2Park sticker located directly on the meter or on a sign. Select how long you want to park.
  • Running late? Add more time to the meter straight from your phone. The app even lets you set up a reminder to receive a text notification five, 10 or 15 minutes prior to when your meter is going to run out.

More perks for mPay2Park users are coming soon, including a validation program that lets participating merchants pay for your parking. (Adlers Jewelers has already signed up, an mPay2Park spokesperson said.)

For more information visit www.mpay2park.com.