As a 23-year Westfield resident, I appreciate the time and interest our Westfield officials have dedicated to keeping our town vital, our schools top rated and our neighborhoods safe. Like other residents who plan to make Westfield their home for years to come, I am keenly interested in the upcoming election for mayor and town council, including the qualifications, focus and priorities of those who are seeking election on Nov. 7.  

I've had the privilege of canvassing with Mike Dardia, our candidate for town council, Ward 2, and wish to share my endorsement of Mike at a time when residents may be pondering their voting choices. Mike's passion for Westfield and his commitment to serve our town is evidenced by his interest in understanding and respecting the concerns voiced by his Ward 2 neighbors. As a professional with over 20 years of healthcare management, finance and process improvement, Mike can absorb the issues presented and analyze the information thru multiple lenses. Mike's ability to first seek to understand the variety of concerns presented to him coupled with his respectful response to those with whom he meets, embodies the type of representative we would all be proud to have to represent us on Westfield Town Council. 

Mike's platform focuses on developing a strategic economic blueprint for our downtown that assesses the town expenditures, ensures transparency and maintains our financial status by identifying alternative sources of municipal revenue to lessen the burden on property owners. He will establish sustainable environmental programs — that would provide a substantial return on investment — and foster a collaborative culture of public engagement.  

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Please join me in voting for Mike Dardia for Town Council of Ward 2, as well as Linda Habgood, Ward 1, David Contract, Ward 3, Dawn Mackey, Ward 4 and Shelley Brindle for Mayor. Show you care: please vote Tuesday, Nov. 7.


Heidi Remak Ziff