Alejandro loves the pizza at Imagine!
The pizza is one of our favorite things, too.
We serve about 4,500 slices of pizza a year at Imagine!
Did you know that at every night of support, Imagine
provides a full pizza dinner for all Imagine participants?
This means families don’t have to stress about putting a meal on the table and it gives families a chance to catch their breath and transition from their day into their support groups. The kids tell us they love the pizza because they get to see all~ of their Imagine friends in one place.
Pizza Pals: Slices of Support is our brand new monthly giving club designed to allow friends of Imagine to provide dinner for Imagine participants through a recurring donation of their choice in $10 increments. For example, $10 provides (1) pizza for a night of support each month and $100 provides a complete pizza dinner for 60 participants.  173 children and adults from 41 NJ towns currently participate every two weeks at Imagine.
To become a Pizza Pal, visit: IMAGINE DONATE and select or write in your level and remember to check “make my gift recurring on a monthly basis.” Each Pizza Pal will receive a membership card and note created by an Imagine participant. Your membership is 100% tax-deductible and will be billed automatically each month.
NOTE:  You can also donate a pizza pie every time you place a take out order at Ferraro's.  Just click Imagine Donation from the Take Out Menu.