As part of Imagine Gives Back, children and adults attending Imagine and coping with their own losses, made 40 "Hearts of Hope" this past Monday December 17 during their Night of Support.  The hearts will be sent to Newton, CT families, along with notes of hope, comfort and love. This project was made possible in partnership with Interregnum of Montville, NJ. The beautifully wrapped hearts with notes from each individual artist will be mailed with other hearts from around the country on Valentines Day.

Service projects are part of the Imagine program both for the children in our support groups and the members of our Youth Advisory Council (iYAC.)

Being of service to others helps build resiliency and can decrease some of the stress people who are grieving may be feeling at the holidays and throughout the year. It increases feelings of self-esteem and can provide a sense of purpose and control when grievers are feeling most vulnerable and alone. Imagine participants, volunteer facilitators and iYAC members also participated in The Little Shoebox Project collecting items and assembling 35 shoeboxes for children, teens and adults affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Imagine provides free year-round grief support for children, parents and adults of all ages coping with loss due to death.  Support  groups for families coping with terminal and chronic illness will be available starting in the spring.  For more information contact Mandi Zucker, Imagine Program Director at 908-264-3100 or