This is my first column, so I thought I would give you some background on The Mattress Factory.

Have you ever driven past our showroom on South Avenue in Fanwood and wondered what exactly we do?  Along with selling the finest mattresses in New Jersey, we produce them here as well!  So come inside, check out our showroom and take a behind the scenes look at our mattress production facility.

In our showroom, you’ll find our entire line of inner spring and latex mattresses.  This column is about what we do so I encourage you to visit our website to learn all about our different mattress products.

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Behind the showroom is where the production takes place.  We start with our raw materials, from inner springs and latex to quilting material, which are "Made in the USA".

Next, we produce the quilted exterior for the particular mattress.  In one of the pictures you can see the roll of foam used in all of our mattresses making its way to the quilting machine. And then in an up close shot, our workhorse of a quilter adds the diamond pattern you’ll see on our "home made" mattresses.

The final step in our mattress production is loading the cotton pads and quilted covers onto the tape edge table.  This is where final assembly takes place before delivery to the customer. And just in case you were wondering – I DO produce some of the mattresses myself!

So that wraps up our tour inside The Mattress Factory here in Fanwood, NJ.  The next time you’re looking for a mattress, be sure to come by and take a look!