The Westfield Parent-Teacher Council (PTC) has begun monthly meetings which will take place during the 2010-2011 school year. The PTC is an umbrella organization of all 10 schools’ parent-teacher-student organizations, meeting twice a month to share ideas, interests and news about each school.  One meeting is attended by the presidents of each school’s PTO, PTA, or PTSO, and one with their representatives.  Present at every meeting are members of the PTC executive board.
Regular participants at the PTC meetings also include Superintendent Margaret Dolan, Board of Education President Julia Walker, and Vice President Ann Cary.  Topics such as school policies, Board of Education (BOE) initiatives, district budget, and PTO fundraising activities are discussed with Dr. Dolan and the BOE representatives.
“We are blessed with active parent involvement in our schools,” stated Dr. Dolan.  “The PTC meetings provide a valuable means of communication with parents in our schools through their representatives.” 
Pictured are parent representatives at a recent meeting of the PTC: (seated, left to right): Toni Deis- Jefferson; Jessica Blessing and Olivia Cozewith- Lincoln; Carolyn Miller and Jill Dispenza- Franklin; and Lani Lipkind- Washington. (Standing, left to right): Peggy Oster-Westfield High School; Dorothy Norris- Washington; Danielle Bracco and Michelle Difilippo- Tamaques; Ruth Maloney- PTC Recording Secretary; Dave Rogers- Edison; Marie Sloan and Barbara Bagger- Roosevelt; Ellen Devin- PTC Treasurer; Kate Fleschler- PTC Corresponding Secretary; Amy Root and Holly Habib- Wilson; Cathy Kattak- PTC Vice President; Lisa Harding- McKinley; Madeline Gerris- Jefferson; and Rose Hughes- PTC President.