I am very pleased to endorse my friend, Jill LaZare as she seeks our support to represent us in the New Jersey State Senate. I have known Jill for most of my life and have every confidence in her to be a courageous, tough, capable fighter for change and reform in New Jersey.

I was a classmate for many years of Jill’s daughter. When she died in a tragic incident 5 years ago, I marveled at Jill’s courage in channeling her grief into action. She helped lead a statewide coalition in fighting for the “Good Samaritan” bill, which changed state law to encourage quick reporting of accidental drug overdoses in order to save lives. It was a difficult, emotionally trying struggle that required forming a bi-partisan coalition for change – and Jill won that fight.

Jill, a successful attorney in Summit, is now taking on a David and Goliath-style challenge: unseating State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. For 8 years, Chris Christie has vetoed legislation that would have greatly helped our state, including support for the ARC tunnel project into New York, funding women’s health programs, and protecting the environment. As leader of the Senate Republicans, Kean has loyally stood with Christie when Democrats attempted to pass these measures anyway (what’s called a “veto override”).

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Senator Kean, Jr. is a good man but we deserve better than that. Jill LaZare has shown she has the fighter’s spirit necessary to work for the reforms we need to move New Jersey in the right direction: fixing our tax system and supporting our public schools, protecting the environment by investing in renewable energy, continuing to combat the opioid epidemic, and more. Her tenacity and “straight talk” will make her a force to be reckoned with – a force that’s on our side. Please visit her website, www.jill4senate.com to learn more about her and her platform.

Please join me in voting for Jill LaZare, for State Senate, Column A, on November 7th. You’ll be glad you did!