Kids for Kids a Mindfulness Movement will be offering an evening of wellness for young women ages 16-20 Jan 27.  Kids for Kids has run numerous retreats to date and are thrilled to be able to offer an evening of wellness for young women.  We are happy to be collaborating with Pure Barre and The Juice House, both located in Garwood, NJ for this event.

“This evening will be a unique way for young women to explore mindfulness, which could be described as purposeful, nonjudgmental awareness, into their lives.”  “It may take some effort to convince teenagers of the value of slowing down, disconnecting from their digital devices and simply breathing.” “But, every person can slow down, we are all capable of that.  It’ll be our job to show them that it’s simpler than they may think and that when they do practice mindfulness regularly it can change their lives.”


The evening will begin at 6:15 pm at Pure Barre - 708 N. Ave. in Garwood, NJ.  The girls will enjoy a 1/2-hour Pure Barre class followed by a ½- hour yoga/meditation.  Ellen Bernholtz of Pure Barre is excited to begin the evening with a Pure Barre sample class.  Following this, Karen Gilmour, Director of Alluem Kids Yoga, will lead a short yoga and meditation class.  After our "physical work out" we will be proceeding to The Juice House located 1 block away at 510 N. Avenue.  Here, we will be caring for our mind and body via reflexology, mindful eating, aromatherapy as well as various tips and experiential learning techniques on ways to create more calm in your life.  Each participant will be able to try our new muse machine!  This device uses technology in a positive way by incorporating biofeedback while mediating.  Check out for more information. 

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“Numbers talk!   Several studies have shown that students who mediate before an exam do better than students who do not.  Additionally, mindfulness-based interventions have been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression ‘symptoms I see frequently in young ladies these days’”.

Kids for Kids is a group of multidisciplinary professionals who are committed to bringing mindfulness to children.  We do this through full and half day retreats, special events and speaker series, one on one counseling, small groups, and community outreach in schools, nonprofit agencies, places of worship, and local businesses that work with children and young adults.  We also help kids who attend our programs create service projects in the surrounding community.  These projects are focused around helping other children in need.  Our latest service project collected over 500 toys as well as numerous donations for the children and staff of Wynona’s House in Newark, NJ.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Annette Ferrigno at 917-865-9577 or Marissa Mastrocola at 908-821-7818.  You can also send an email to  To register for the wellness evening go to  Registration closes JANUARY 16TH – space is LIMITED so register soon!