The Threes and Fours classes at Westfield Area Y’s Early Learning Center YMCA recently went on a field trip to Mindowaskin Park with their teachers and Westfield Area YMCA Counselors-In-Training (CIT). They had a picnic snack and the CITs taught them some camp songs.

While there, the kids hid Kindness Rocks. Kindness Rocks have become a national phenomenon and are meant to bring joy to the people who find them. The children have painted about 100 rocks in Art class, and their teacher helped to write messages for the students such as “have a good day,” “smile,” and “happy summer.” 

The Threes and Fours classes will continue to hide the rocks as they walk to the Main Y Facility to swim, and the toddlers will get their chance to spread their Kindness Rocks when on their buggy walks.

The Early Learning Center YMCA, located at 170 Elm Street in Westfield, offers year-round full day child care for children beginning at 6 months of age and full day preschool for ages 2 ½ - 5 years. For information or a tour, Contact Eileen Rooney, Westfield Area YMCA Director of Early Childhood, at 908-654-8460 or