WESTFIELD, NJ — When Sandy Saval created a “Lederman Strong” t-shirt sale earlier this year to support the Lederman family of Westfield — Darren, Stacey and their children Emma and Noah — her goal was to sell 50 t-shirts, both as a fundraiser to help the family as they deal with Darren's medical crisis and to lift their spirits by showing community support.

Darren was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant in May thanks to a total stranger. Due to complications, he is currently in the hospital again, fighting for his life.

“She felt that if Darren saw people wearing them, he would gain some much needed internal strength to continue fighting this horrible disease,” Stacey Katcher Lederman said.

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During the first sale, 108 shirts were sold, raising $1,813 to help the Lederman family. Supporters posted photos of themselves wearing the shirts on the Lederman Strong Facebook page.

Due to popular demand, Saval has begun a second shirt sale, adding hoodies to the mix. The fundraiser will run until Jan. 24 and the shirts, available in several colors and in both children’s and adult sizes, range in price from $20 to $35. To order, click here.

“Unfortunately, these days we all know many people who have been affected by cancer,” Saval said. “The shirt fundraiser was just something I had heard of before, though I was kicking myself for not thinking of doing it for Darren sooner. Since I don't live locally, it seemed a particularly effective way for all those who care about Darren, Stacey, Emma and Noah to show their support regardless of where they live. In addition, I think it's important for Darren to see regular visual reminders of the love and support his family, friends, and even total strangers have for him. I did some research and found the website Booster.com, which specializes in these types of fundraisers. I created the design with the help of a friend who is a graphic designer.”

Saval said she expects to sell about another 100 shirts this time around.

“We tried to keep them affordable, while still achieving our goal of raising funds for the family,” Saval. “The more we sell, the lesser the cost for running the fundraiser, which means a greater portion of the cost of each product goes directly to the Ledermans.”

Supporters can also donate directly to the Lederman family at YouCaring.com by clicking here.

“I have been amazed by how the local community has embraced the Ledermans and supported them since Darren's initial diagnosis a year ago, and that support will continue to be a key to the Lederman family's ability to manage this most challenging time in their lives,” Saval said. “Buying a shirt and truly a simple act but one that is so appreciated.”