It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Mark Parmelee’s campaign for Ward 2 councilman. I first met Mark when our sons started at Washington School together 11 years ago.  Over the years, as the boys’ friendship deepened our families became friends as well. 

Mark and his wife Megan are family people first and foremost. Like so many of us, they settled in Westfield because of what it offered in terms of schools and community.  Mark immediately found a way to participate in Washington’s major fundraising endeavor, acting in the school show for all thirteen years it took for the Parmelee kids to work their way through the school.  His humor and spirit helped galvanize our Washington community and provide financial support to the school for well over a decade.

He is a terrific father. For 20 years or so, he has picked up and dropped off; he has shouted support from side lines and theater seats. He is the proud dad of three boys and a girl who participate in a wide variety of activities.  He has spent countless hours encouraging them to pursue whatever interests them, making sure that they have every opportunity and every resource. After all, it is why he chose Westfield.

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His professional credits speak for themselves. His career began in public service as a district attorney in Manhattan, and he is currently a partner at a global law firm. It is this appreciation of community engagement and service that inspired him to run for office. 

When Mark was first considering running for councilman, he spoke to me about wanting to contribute to the current efforts aimed at making Westfield the most vibrant and attractive town possible. He wants to help actualize the Master Plan, spur our downtown economic development and improve our athletic facilities.  He sees the immediate benefits but, more significantly, he looks ahead to the future when his children return as young adults to raise families of their own.  He wants to invest his time and energy now, so they can return here and find this great place even better than when they left.  

Westfield has always been an amazing place to be, and in just a short time we’ve grown that energy and vitality exponentially with events like Addamsfest and our recent multi-cultural event.  We’ve broadened our accessibility with our Westfield Connect app and live-streamed meetings. We’ve increased community involvement and pushed for more green solutions. Personally, I am especially proud of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Plan we’re enacting and the crosswalk beacons we’ve installed.  

The more excitement we bring to Westfield, the more attractive and valuable we become.  We need not only to continue this trend but to strengthen it. To do so, we need your help.  Support Mark this coming election. Come meet him at an upcoming event, hear what he has to say and tell him what you need him to hear.  If you already know him, consider inviting some friends to get to know him as well. Most importantly, vote for Mark this Nov. 5.

He is engaged, enthusiastic and approachable.  Mark knows the challenges we face, but he has a lot of skin in the game; he wants the best for his family and, as he has always done, will work doggedly to ensure it. He is a great friend, an amazing father and husband, and an accomplished lawyer.  He will be an outstanding councilman for Ward 2. To contact or learn more, email or visit