It has been my privilege to be your Ward 4 Councilwoman these past two years. 

I am the council liaison to the Downtown Westfield Corporation, and chairperson of the Town Property & Code Review Committee. I established and currently chair AddamsFest. During my first two years in office I investigated best practices, advocated for, and passed ordinances that protect our roads - thereby the investment in our infrastructure; and implemented the first comprehensive review of our nearly 400 roads, using technology to identify the order of urgency for repaving. 

Additionally, I prioritized the revitalization of our southside businesses by: researching and passing the ordinance to allow Westfield’s first craft brewery; spearheaded the effort to restore and reopen the train station coffee hut; initiated and secured sponsorships for the mural project for the East Broad Street underpass; and started the first ‘Southside Business Stroll,’ that introduced merchants to each other, showcased their spaces,  and encouraged them to build community and inspire collaborations. 

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AddamsFest celebrates town history, engages residents and drives economic vitality. The mural visually connects the northside and southside and encourages pedestrian foot traffic. Having our first brewery strategically placed on the southside and re-opening the coffee hut provides quality of life improvements residents want. 

This all takes a lot of work outside of regular town council and committee meetings, but it’s worth it to energize the community we all love.

I met Scott Katz through a mutual friend and knew he was an active community member. One night at dinner we discussed two pivotal issues:

The first was about misinformation he’d been receiving about the Tamaques Park renovation. Scott, like many residents, believed this project was moments from being ‘shovels in the ground’, but since it had not yet even been presented to the public, this was not true. Scott was relieved to hear this as he was interested in maintaining the natural integrity of the park.

Additionally, we spoke at length about how local government impacts our day-to-day lives, and the importance of residents participating. I suggested that if he liked what he was seeing in town, he might consider running for town council.

As an operations manager who studied economics, Scott has the business skills that are essential in running a government of our size. As a longtime resident and the father of two children active in sports, he recognizes the challenge we face with our fields. As a biker who lives directly across from Tamaques, he has an intricate understanding of the needs of the park’s users and realizes that they must factor into any park plan.

Scott’s integrity and passion for our town will make him an excellent council person. His willingness to put in the long hours needed to research, introduce and accomplish bold initiatives will make him an excellent partner for Ward 4 and the town of Westfield.