September 2019 Dear Westfield Community, It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I support Mark Parmelee for the Ward 2 seat on the Westfield Town Council. I have had the privilege of knowing Mark, his wife Megan, their four children and their extended family for nearly 15 years. In addition to being a trusted friend and wonderful neighbor, Mark is a successful securities attorney for a leading global law firm whom I have retained to represent my company’s interests on multiple matters. I know Mark both personally and professionally and find that beyond his incredible work ethic, Mark has the rare ability to bring his same positive demeanor and commitment to all of his relationships.

I could recount numerous personal examples of Mark’s willingness to assist me, my family or many of our friends, but to pick one over another does not adequately describe his character the same as simply stating that Mark is one of the most capable, empathetic and good-natured people I have the pleasure of knowing. Mark has had a passion for public service that he recognized during his years serving as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

While he has cultivated that ambition by volunteering in our community throughout the years of raising a family and establishing a successful career, as residents we will now be the beneficiaries of Mark’s ability to be in a position to dedicate his time to work to fulfill his desire to serve the people of Westfield. It is a tremendous opportunity when you can whole-heartedly support a candidate because you firmly believe in them, their character and ultimately their ability to do what is best for your community. Mark is that candidate.

Danny McManus
Westfield, NJ