To the Editor:

When we moved to Westfield more than 20 years ago, we hoped to become part of the town’s fabric.  We joined a local church, enrolled our child in pre-school, engaged in community activities, and we met Jim Boyes.

Problem solving is in Jim’s DNA.  He looks at issues from all angles, considering multiple perspectives.  He has been a true champion of fair-minded, logical policies for Westfield. I have had many conversations with Jim about the Raritan Valley line; Jim is committed to do what he can to bring single-ride train service to Westfield.  I do believe that Jim will bring to that conversation a voice of reason, backed by facts, figures and solutions.  When Jim says he is going to do something, he gets it done!

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Jim is the real deal.  He is hard-working, thoughtful, considerate and a true gentleman. He has been a soccer coach and a neighborhood watch coordinator.  Jim has flipped burgers at the church picnic and run out to my car in the middle of a rainstorm to get my readers. Jim is trustworthy, kind, and just the right person to represent the voters in Ward 1.  He’s a great listener, a solid thinker and a true delight.

Jim is a team player — a team player for the right solution for our Town of Westfield — regardless of party politics. On election day, please cast your vote for Jim Boyes for Ward 1.

Anne Wargo
Westfield NJ