To the Editor:

I first met Jim Boyes during the 2017 election and immediately took note of his willingness to jump right in, to get to work, no matter the task. In the fall of 2018, we worked together on the Get Out the Vote effort for that November election. The moment Jim learned of our efforts to encourage our 18 to 24-year-olds to vote, he signed up! Jim’s personal efforts contacting and encouraging many of our young, first-time voters contributed to this group voting in record numbers!

For decades, Jim Boyes has demonstrated his commitment to Westfield through his effective volunteer work on various town committees. Town officials have long recognized Jim’s professional experience with assessing risk, as well as his congenial demeanor as a strong team player. Since 2001, when he was first asked to serve on a town committee, Jim has signed up without hesitation!

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In my 25 years living in Westfield, I’ve seen the most obvious improvements during the last two years. Under the direction of Mayor Shelley Brindle, Westfield’s roads are being paved at an historic rate, downtown is beautifully landscaped (I’m particularly pleased with the South Avenue and monument circles) and blossoming new trees and planters are lining our sidewalks, to name just a few improvements. In addition, intensive work is ongoing to develop a viable, long-term community-wide Master Plan. I know Jim Boyes wants to sign up to help!

Jim Boyes is the perfect person to serve on our Town Council. Jim deeply cares about his family, his neighbors and this town, and he wants to be involved with implementing a plan that will continue to keep Westfield one of the most desirable towns in New Jersey. But for Jim to sign up this time, he needs your vote! 

This November, I hope you will join me in voting for Jim Boyes to be our Ward 1 Councilman. 

Judy Augustino
Westfield, NJ