Dear Neighbors,

One of the many reasons my husband and I chose Westfield was for the “small town” feel. I’ve always romanticized Westfield as the storybook, “Friday Night Lights” type of town, and I couldn’t imagine a better backdrop to starting our family.

A few months into moving to Westfield, I met Mark LoGrippo and his family. The LoGrippos embodied everything you’d want in neighbors. Mark and his wife are extremely warm and inviting, and their two young children are bright, classy, and respectful. Both Mark and Maria work full-time, their kids play multiple competitive sports, and yet they find the time to be active and engaged members of the community.

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I’ve attended multiple town events with Mark over the past 6 months where I’ve met many Westfield residents. Each person’s story is consistent: “Mark is a great guy who gets the job done.” When we’re out knocking on doors, I hear residents thank him for getting a tree planted in their yard or having their street paved. I’ve gone with him to Westfield Neighborhood Council events and to many of our Southside businesses where he is on a first-name basis with the owners. Beyond all the above, the most common reply I hear from people is that Mark LoGrippo is responsive, he follows through, and his friendships and relationships with Westfield residents are genuine and unconditional. People who know Mark aren’t swayed by the disingenuous attempts to discredit his hard work and service to the Town of Westfield.

My husband and I both work full-time with a 17-month-old in daycare. When I first joined “Team LoGrippo” as volunteer Campaign Manager, it was with two objectives…to meet people and to build friendships and connections in Westfield. Thanks to Mark and his family, I have done exactly that! Along the way, I’ve also become personally invested in seeing this town succeed. So, for all the reasons listed above and more, I choose to support Mark LoGrippo and his re-election to Westfield Town Council.

Reflecting back on the last 6 months, I can say with confidence we ran a campaign that was authentic and inclusive — that brought together volunteers from “opposing sides” in support of the greater good of the community. We are team of Westfield residents, perhaps with mixed political beliefs, who just want the best for our families and children — what local politics should be about. Together, we believe that Mark LoGrippo is the best person for that job. As they say, he is “one the good ones.”

We first moved to Westfield mid-2017 election cycle. When the Ward 3 Democratic Council candidate knocked at my door that summer, he made a point to tell me that I was an independent woman, and that I should feel empowered to vote for whoever I wanted to come November. The insinuation was that I should feel permitted to “vote Democrat” even though my husband was a known “Republican.” I’ve had similar conversations over the years, and I’m disappointed by how easy it is for people to typecast me. I support good human beings regardless of their party affiliation, as I believe everyone should be empowered to do. At the end of the day, the only thing consistent about my voting record is the two times I voted for President Barack Obama (and I’d vote for him a third time!!).

Whatever the outcome on November 5th, I am forever grateful for the kindness that Mark and his family have shown to me and mine over the past 2 years, and I deeply value the friendship we’ve formed. I am honored to have served as his campaign manager, and I look forward to continuing to support him in any way that I can!

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Thank you,

Jacqueline Neely

Ward 3 Resident, Working Mom, Independent Voter & LoGrippo for Council Campaign Manager