To the Editor:

This is my favorite time to enjoy the outdoors in Westfield. This is the one stretch in which the weather is balmy enough to sit outside and quiet enough to appreciate the birdsong and other sounds of nature. In a few weeks, the gas-powered blowers (I do not call them leaf blowers as for most of the year there are no leaves to blow) will be a near-constant presence straight through to the deepest winter. This year the blowing continued into January.

Despite the efforts seen in scores of towns throughout the country to address the myriad of quality of life and health issues surrounding the use of these machines (by far the most overuse practiced by landscapers), the town of Westfield refuses to address this in a public and professional manner.

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In a time when stress levels are so high why can’t the town council put this on its agenda? Let voices be heard and respectfully listened to on all sides. If ultimately the decision is to continue the status quo, so be it. But ignoring the issue and the many who are impacted is very frustrating and a bit cowardly.

Jonathan Spitz
Westfield, NJ

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