Congress just passed a bill that anyone who works for a living should know about — and support. It’s called the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO Act).

The problem is that corporations and business groups have done their best to put out misleading information in the hope that people will think it’s against everything the middle class needs to thrive.

I’m a working person, (a freelance graphic designer) and here’s how it will help me: I can join with others to demand a fair wage from businesses that hire us. It’s that simple; it protects my right to form a union and bargain collectively for better pay.  It will also protect workers from employers who retaliate against union drives, and keep employers from delaying negotiations on collective bargaining contracts. These are among the basic workers protections that form the social safety net for a healthy middle class.

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It doesn’t (in spite the volumes of confusing information out there) negatively affect wages, or overtime pay. That’s what makes this bill different from the one that was shelved in the New Jersey State Assembly last year.

But business groups don’t want you to know that. They want the public to think that this bill and the discarded NJ bill are the same. They say that it will harm the workplace, but that’s only if you think that harming the workplace means denying worker basic rights to fair pay, and benefits.

Luckily, CD7 is represented by someone who is committed to a thriving middle class. Congressman Tom Malinowski understands that the PRO Act bill will help working people in New Jersey.

Nina Ovryn
Westfield, NJ