We would like to congratulate the Historic Preservation Commission and the town of Westfield for recognizing the importance of protecting our architectural inheritance.

John Henry Frazee, noted Westfield town historian, lived in our 1850 house from 1927 until his death in 1972.  He had seen developers destroy a historic house of great architectural importance just across the street from his house in what is now Frazee Court. He would have been dismayed to know that upon his death, his son Noah would sell his house to a developer who divided the property into two building lots with the intention of building a house on what was John Henry’s front lawn. To provide the necessary distance between the houses, he then planned to tear down John Henry’s magnificent front porch.

We are confident that Mr. Frazee would have been happy to know that a young couple, Carol and Frank Nolde, with two small children and just enough money to buy the house and the front lawn, now a separate building lot, would spend the next 46 years restoring his 1850 house. He would be doubly grateful, as are we, that the Westfield Historic Preservation Commission and the town of Westfield have designated our home as a Westfield historic house.

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