To the Editor:

I cannot stress enough how hard it is to serve the public. I am confident Mayor Brindle would agree with this statement as the truth, as fact. In a term when Westfield went backwards on one-seat ride to New York City, and we continue to see long-time merchants in our downtown needing to move or close, in a year when PSE&G has tried to divide the southern part of our town with high voltage power lines, taxes went up for almost half of the town, and a big employer announced plans to move their employees from our downtown to another’s, during a month when: a non-disparagement agreement was required to part ways with our DWC Executive Director of 18 years, followed by the Rialto closing, all the while Lord & Taylor saga continues, Mayor Brindle still deserves our support while she serves her elected term.  I am grateful for our mayor’s service.

It is ironic however, Westfield 20/20 is drawing attention toward their selective outrage under the disguise invitation to community thought and prayer at our public Mindowaskin Park from behind the Westfield brand name this past Aug. 5, 2019. They just never stop, these two. Marci Bandelli and Westfield 20/20 provoking matters with Mayor Brindle just sitting there watching, letting it all happen like that.  

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By appropriating the brand name Westfield for their own political purposes, it’s hard to miss these activists when searching for a merchant in town, a local realtor, or even the Westfield Class of 2020. I mean, they’d be foolish to not rebrand as “Trump 20/20” considering the central argument that organized their existence and the rights protecting their activities are not used to promote Westfield in a positive way, at all.

When I was at the PSE&G forum at Edison School this past spring, councilwomen Jo Ann Neylan and Dawn Mackey were working up front together, taking the arrows from the public and answering questions, while PSE&G stonewalled our neighbors.

To be fair, Mayor Brindle was also present in the back of the room, stationed at “trees.” Marci Bandelli and her activists, however, were nowhere to be found. At the time of this letter, and with the Rialto story tugging at the heart of our brand, Mayor Brindle is again on the defensive and Westfield 20/20 remains quiet and safely sheltered behind Westfield branding.

As their identity exists now, Westfield 20/20 muddies our town’s brand and is a distraction for Mayor Brindle while serving her term in office.  At this moment, our Westfield brand is fragile. WE don’t need all this negative noise their most vocal members are making right now, and certainly not for another year. What happens after 2020, do we get our brand name back, or do we need to sit through this until 2024? Why hijack all of Westfield to a single date in 2020? If their members truly cared for the issues of our town and wanted to do good for our brand, if they wanted to be inclusive and be a genuinely positive force for all the neighbors and merchants hustling to make our hometown beautiful, wouldn’t they want to be with Westfield every day?

Westfield 20/20, and what they offer to the issues specific to Westfield, is indeed “disingenuous.” You will find evidence to support “the” claim, and how disingenuous Westfield 20/20 is, at the next town council meeting on September 3rd, 2019 when Marci Bandelli does not show up to ask Mayor Brindle what she “has been doing to fill vacancies in the downtown.”  

Edward T. Stellingwerf
Westfield, NJ