Barbara Culkin, author of the new eBook, Stage Your Home With Intention to Magnetically Attract Buyers (They’ll Fall in Love and You May Think Twice About Selling It!) shares how to master the ‘inner game’ of Home Staging.

Staging With Intention reveals how to stage your home from the inside out and uncovers POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE techniques to connect and attract your IDEAL homebuyer.

The difference between just Home staging and staging one’s home stylishly with intention, is that the décor is used mindfully and on-purpose. Each essential item, color, unique element and finishing touch is put in place to create a RESULT and also to add an inspirational feeling to stir the soul of potential buyers.

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Readers of this eBook discover how to stage their home with Intention to create a ‘no place like home feeling and at the same time stand out from the crowd in a competitive buyers market.

They learn how to create an ambiance where potential buyers look at their home, fall in love and picture themselves buying it and living in it!

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Barbara Culkin of Barbara Culkin Designs is a Home and Image Styling expert who helps you style yourself and your space to success. She is also the creator and host of Style Soul Podcast on iTunes.