On Wednesday at 4 p.m., I attended my first Planned Parenthood rally outside of the office of Congressman Leonard Lance to oppose the Trump/Pence Gag Rule. The gag rule would make it illegal for health care professionals to inform their patients all of their reproductive health options.

It was hot (well over 90 degrees and humid) so I moved into the thin line of shade that the building cast on the sidewalk.  As I moved to cool myself down, I noticed a tall man walk towards the door of the office and lock it and walk away. Representative Lance’s constituents had been gathering in the heat and were about to deliver a petition of 6,000 signatures to the Congressman asking him to speak out against the Gag Rule.The Congressional District Office is supposed to close at 5 p.m. It was only 4:30 p.m. We were locked out.

Congressman Lance turned a deaf ear and literally shut his constituents out of his office. He decided that he did not have to listen to us. No matter your stance on Planned Parenthood, or any issue, this should be appalling to everyone Lance represents. His job is to represent his constituents, but how can he represent us if he won’t listen to us?