The Exodus and the Hyksos will be the topic of Hassan ”Sam” Mahmoud at the first Wednesday Luncheon of the Westfield Historical Society on April 2, luncheon. It will begin at noon at the Echo Lake Country Club, located at 515 Springfield Avenue in Westfield.

The Bible calls it the Exodus. The recorded Egyptian history calls it the expulsion of the invading Hyksos. Half way through the seven thousands years of Egypt’s history, in about 1680 years BC, some Asiatic Tribes, called the Hyksos, invaded Egypt and stayed there for about 100 years. They plundered the country, subjugated the population, destroyed many temples and humiliated the local princes. Eventually the Egyptians revolted and kicked them out. They fled through the Sinai Desert. Coincidently, the bible put the date of the Exodus around the same date of that expulsion.

Mr. Mahmoud will explore the two versions of that epoch and the conflict between the historians and the Bible writers.

This is the twelfth lecture given by Mr. Mahmoud to the Society. He is a member, trustee, and the program’s co- director of the Westfield Historical Society. A 22 years resident of Westfield, he has been a World traveler, author, lecturer and a student of history and culture of many countries. He has published numerous articles about history and politics in the major state newspapers. He was a monthly columnist for the Home News Tribune and the Courier News.

All those wishing to attend the Luncheon are asked to make a reservation by calling (908)233-2930 by noon on Monday, March 31.The cost of the Luncheon is $25.00 for the members and $30.00 for the nonmember.