Lynn Benner a mother of three, and a public school teacher in the Linden school district for over a decade. Throughout her time as a teacher she has seen the mismanagement of a board of education and has seen what effects that leave not only on the district, but the students.

If elected, Lynn promises to make a more inclusive budget offering equal opportunities for all students and also a cut in the amount of wasteful spending. Your vote on tuesday will matter not for just your children, but all children in this town, and our future.

I'm Colin Sumner. I'm the president of the Young Democrats at Westfield High School, I’m the campaign manager for Lynn for BOE, but most importantly I am a student. Who else but the ones who are affected by a board's decisions are more qualified to sit on it?

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Lynn is a public school teacher, she knows the ins and outs of how districts work and understands what students need to thrive. More importantly, she understands that to being meaningful candidate you have to be willing to work with who your decisions will affect. That's why Lynn reached out to me and asked me to be her campaign manager.

Along with several other Westfield High School students we've been able she create a campaign that is inclusive and welcoming to all. Lynn is able to see that those under 18 still matter, and that her decisions will greatly affect how we will learn and grow up. We have been able to create a platform that suits all students. Lynn is not Benner for better she's an educator for education. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, comments, or concerns by reaching us at



Colin Sumner, Part of the Educator for Board of Education team.

P.S. Lynn Benner is the third position on the ballot in the Board of Education voting section.