Westfield is a community of creative, talented, thoughtful residents whose ideas and contributions to the town continue to make it one of the most premier municipalities in the state. I believe that the more informed our residents are, the better our residents are able to contribute to our community. This is why, since my first day in office, I have made transparency and accessibility to local government a priority.

For example, the town council and I know that Westfielders work hard for their tax dollars and therefore should know exactly how the Town is spending the approximately 16 percent of their property taxes that the town controls. This is why we mail out a tax letter itemizing the town’s expenses every year. I have also made the budget presentation more accessible by publishing that presentation on the town’s website. 

Additionally, I have capitalized on social media and modern technologies to improve the flow of information to residents. For example, I have implemented social media outlets including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I also received national recognition for our use of the town-wide conference calls following Hurricane Sandy to keep residents and their out-of-state families abreast of the state of the town. 

Finally, since my first year in office, I have opened town hall to all residents who make an appointment during Saturday morning office hours or at other mutually agreed upon hours. I have met with thousands of residents and discussed their concerns and suggestions to improve our town and will continue to do so if re-elected.