I am Matt Sontz. I have lived in Westfield for 13 years with my wife and three children, own a law practice in town and have been a town council candidate for the Third Ward. Based on my knowledge and experience with living and working in Westfield, I enthusiastically and emphatically endorse my friend David Contract for Westfield Town Council for the Third Ward. I trust David, believe in him and hope you will all give him the chance to show what he can do. 

I believe David has all of the qualities needed to be a great councilman. As a father, husband and homeowner, David lives and understands how much we all have vested in Westfield. He understands that when Westfield succeeds, we all succeed. He will work tirelessly to ensure that all of our families have the best opportunity to thrive in our beautiful community. 

His business experience in marketing for national brands is exactly what we need as we look too revitalize our downtown in a sustainable and cost efficient way. Managing a budget, teaming with people who have diverse skills and, most importantly, obtaining results, is what David has spent his professional life learning and doing. I can also attest to how much David values learning new things, taking the time to understand problems, appreciating the pros and cons of different solutions, and how much he values others viewpoints on how particular solutions affect them. David is a bridge builder who is always looking to contribute. He was pivotal in working toward obtaining the downtown smoking ban which, as we all know, was long overdue. I think his campaign motto "Fresh Ideas and a Proactive Approach" perfectly summarizes David's person and approach to making Westfield the best it can be. 

I will be wholeheartedly supporting David Contract for Town Council for Third Ward on Nov. 7 and I hope that you will join me.