WESTFIELD, NJ —  Mayor Skibitksy thanked residents for how they responded to the snowstorm Feb. 8, which he described as the first real snowstorm of the season, during last week's town council meeting.

A new ordinance, approved in November and put into effect for the first time with this storm, bans parking on any street in Westfield when three or more inches of snow have fallen until snowfall stops and the entire width of the road has been plowed.  

Skibitksy said he spent a fair amount of that day on a plow with one of the Department of Public Works drivers.

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“From his estimate, there were 80 percent less cars on the street than normal,” Skibitsky said. “That allowed the DPW workers to do a better job, a quicker job and our streets are safer and we saved the town money.”

Skibitsky noted that, although the town gave out warnings to residents whose cars will still parked on the street during the storm, no one was fined this time.