Honesty, integrity, and proven leadership. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I hear the name Andy Skibitsky. And I am proud to be supporting Andy’s re-election for mayor of this amazing town we call home.

Another term of Andy — we should be so lucky! I have had the unique opportunity of being acting mayor for quite some time, and as such I have seen Andy work tirelessly for the residents of Westfield. He makes tough decisions, not always popular choices, but always the best choice for the town. He is motivated by his unwavering commitment to keep Westfield on the right track: strong, independent local governance, small bureaucracy, financially sound footing and safe neighborhoods. Andy has continually been successful on all of the goals he set for Westfield. Just take a look at the accolades bestowed on Westfield and you can see pretty clearly that Westfield is doing great.

Westfield is truly a remarkable town and not just by chance. It is in large part the insight and leadership of our mayor that has kept and continues to keep Westfield the place that it is. It boggles my mind when I hear “well, we need change.” Change for change's sake just doesn’t make sense. That is a risk simply not worth taking. Would you change your financial advisor when you are getting double-digit returns?? I know I wouldn’t. Would you change your health care provider when you are getting solid health advice??  I know I wouldn’t. Would you change the town you live in just because you have lived there for 10 years — so arbitrary??  IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Let’s be sensible in this election — don’t risk our success! We need a proven and tested leader.

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I fully support Andy for mayor for reasons that make sense. He listens, he is not afraid to make tough choices, he is deeply committed to this town for all the right reasons, and he has PROVEN to be a leader who has been able to lead Westfield in difficult as well as good times. Andy will not disappoint us. Now more than ever we need proven leadership. We need Andy.

JoAnn Neylan

Ward 2 Councilwoman