For those readers who are a bit confused by the seemingly competing two clips of Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, I appreciate the opportunity to publicly clarify, which is something I wasn’t given by Mayor Skibitsky that evening.

I continue to believe that our Mayor needs to formally  join Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is why I made my presentation. Our grassroots organization , New Jersey  Residents For Action Against Gun Violence in Westfield  has grown from 20 to over 150 members. When we approached  Mayor Skibitsky last January to join Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, instead of formally  joining , he issued a Resolution from Westfield basically stating that gun violence was a problem. In the spirit of cooperation and in an effort to reach across the aisle, I did write a letter to Leader thanking the Mayor for doing something. But that does not mean that I believe he went far enough.

Yet he chose to read my Leader letter aloud in an attempt to use my words against me, to publicly embarrass me and at the same time turn the attention away from the concerns of residents and onto  himself and his own ego. If he chooses to use these unseemly tactics, at the very least he should  be man enough to engage in a civil debate and give me, a Westfield mother of two, the opportunity to publicly respond and/or clarify. Instead he chose to shut down the meeting, refused to let me go to the microphone, hence my objections were forced to be stated from where I was seated. That is more the makings of a schoolyard bully who in essence is saying "I’m taking my ball and going home” rather than that of Mayor for a well respected community.

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We all need to play by the same rules. No one, especially the Mayor, gets to try to publicly use  someone’s words against them, while they are sitting there, and refuse to allow them to defend their statements.

I will leave it up to the public to make their judgment about what this says about  Mr. Skibitsky’s character.  If Mayor Skibitsky  is capable of doing this to well intentioned residents such as myself, what else is he capable of doing?